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Explorations of technology

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 22/03/20 18:00

I’ll take it for granted that everybody understands these things but it’s come to my attention that many people do not, so it’s worth a little review of technology you might use in these unprecedented times to communicate with family, friends and other people.

At first though, I would suggest that all your technology is restricted to a desktop and removed from your phone.

The difficulty with putting the technology that you communicate with on your phone, is that your phone is always there and inevitably you will be sucked into some sort of information channel that you don’t want.

The biggest recommendation’s going forwards though are these: 


We've used this platform through our Academy courses and through our business, for a considerably period of time and it is an absolutely amazing way to communicate. There is a small cost to this if you’re a business but if you do get the cost you can use it for the team and family etc. It’s much better than any social media channel because it’s shut and closed, and it doesn’t try to suck you in and suck you in. There are no adverts because it gets its money from paid subscription.

You can upload documents, easily upload videos and communicate carefully and clearly from a distance but in such a personal way. Please try to look at it as ways of communicating in your practice, it’s not WhatsApp because it’s not ran by Facebook, it really is something that should be considered as a tool in these times.


I’m sure you will have started to hear about Zoom because everyone is talking about it. We've been on Zoom for 5 years and in fact the whole of The Campbell Academy has ran through Zoom conference calls, both in courses and in the business side for that length of time.

For years we have been streaming Live lectures from Hong Kong via Zoom, and the recent Chris Barrow Webinar was held on Zoom although it was Chris’s first time ever using it.

Start by getting it and then start by using it. Communicate with your team who are at home, communicate with your family, record consultations, do all sorts of stuff. Once you start to explore this in the time that you have available, your practice or your business will never be the same again.

Now is the time to use technology but to use it sparingly and wisely. The best thing you can do is shut down all your news inputs, look at the BBC page once a day (or any other one you want) and log into Information is beautiful which updates every three days and you don’t need any more stats than that.

Stop listening to the shouting of the people who are panicking and make your own decisions as a clear minded individual in consultation with your friends, who you know have got your back.

Tomorrow is Monday, let’s make next week better than last week.


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