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Example setting

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 13/01/20 18:00

example setting


It is easy to set an example when things are good.

When the sun is shining and the money is rolling in and everyone is healthy and everyone is friends.

It is easy to be a shining light then isn’t it?

Can you do it when the chips are down?

Can you give hope when it looks like there is none?

Can you inspire, when inspiration is what's required?

Can you keep your temper when everyone else is losing theirs?

Can you watch injustice done to you or those you love, yet still be the better man?

Easier said than done.

Remember, that bravery is acting when you have a choice.

Go ahead and set an example, but do it in the darkest of times, because that is when we need it the most.

(It is also its own reward, no need to look for others)


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