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Easier to be a critic than a creator

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 02/03/21 18:00


When we see something that has been put out there by another individual which doesn’t fit within our ‘world view’ it’s easy to be critical. 

It’s easy to pull it apart for inaccuracy or lack of polish or lack of intellectual clout or any other number of things which we don’t like or wouldn’t be like it was ‘if we did it’. 

Much harder to step back and understand the difficulty that the individual had in putting out what, at that time, was the best they had. 

It’s possible we might be better at doing whatever it was they did and it’s possible that we might have been doing it longer and it’s possible that we might be more experienced or older but that doesn’t give us the right to revert to critic. 

It’s always easier to be the critic and always much harder to turn up and do the work and produce something that tries to make a difference (even if it rarely does). 

Intelligent discussion often makes things a lot better but instinctive criticism rarely does. 


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Colin Campbell
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