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Double counting

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/03/21 18:00


Getting the numbers right is about the most important thing you can do to revert the emotion from your decisions. 

Generally, emotion and decision is a bad thing (not always but generally is). 

  1. Double counting the negatives increases the anxiety and leads to the panic decision. 

Imagine a situation where you’ve been told that you’ll have a big, unexpected cost either at home or at work. Then imagine the situation as you decide on the date for payment, then imagine the situation of paying it and then imagine when you’re look at it on the bank slip. 

Four episodes of quadruple counting have increased your panic and decreased your focus. 

Count the negatives once. 

2) The same thing happens in the other direction where we continually celebrate the single victory but in fact should be on to the bigger thing or the more important thing. 

Sometimes double counting can be satisfying, much of the time it can be devastating, all of the time it’s a waste of time. 


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Colin Campbell
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