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Denying the urge to be distracted

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 14/01/22 18:00


In this time off that I have. In this space and in this vacuum away from the constant ‘chip, chip, chip’ of the distractions of working and professional life, I find it hard to break the addiction. 

I know there is peace beyond silence. 

I know there is contentment beyond boredom. 

I know it takes effort to seek it out and I know that the world, as it currently stands, always wants to take that away. 

A long time ago I turned off notifications on my phone and cleared my home screen and I have just completed a head space course on focus which has told me to do that again. 

I look at my children whose phones ping up every 10 or 15 seconds and wonder how they’re going to cope moving forwards when they have other means of communications distracting them all the time to go with the ridiculous social apps that disrupt their phone 4, 5, 6 times per minute. 

I find it hard enough with WhatsApp and text and then opening a laptop with 2 email accounts (I don’t have emails on my phone when I can possibly help it) I can’t imagine how people keep up with snapchat or instagram or Facebook or (god help them) all three. 

I have it all on to talk to the people I want to talk to and to communicate with the people that I like and respect, let alone allowing myself to be interrupted by people I don’t even know. 

And so, one of the most important things of this time away from the distractions is to push back the distractions as permanently as possible and to return back to the things that are the most important to me. 

Not the urgent things but the important things. 

Not the every day and every week crisis but the long-term things which help the people who are the most important to me and the things which are the most important to my values. 


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Colin Campbell
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