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Danny boy

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/02/20 18:00



In the midst of all this madness, I received an e-mail on Monday morning inviting me to host/chair Danny Buser’s Masterclass in March.

This was for me to be at the front of the stage introducing someone who was my implant heroand someone whose career I modelled my own on at the early stages.

I would be able to mingle with the glitterati, take questions from the audience and generally look very, very important.

Of course, my initial instinct is to say yes, I will do that whatever it takes.

So, I checked the diary.

My own Year 1 implant course is running, I have a large anterior implant surgery case to do which will involve lots of grafting both and hard soft tissue wise and will be fascinating (and profitable).

In the afternoon I am mentoring one of my local friend and colleague to get them moving on their implant journey.

So, I sat back, took a breath and composed an e-mail to politely decline.

Sometimes it is nice to pretend to be famous…

...but mostly it is better just to get back to work.


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