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Continuing on the Tightrope

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 12/04/18 18:00


When it’s crazy and you have no room to turn or think or breath it’s easy to think that what you want is to walk your dog on the beach forever and never have another care in the world.

It’s easier to think that what you want is just to watch films with your kids and then maybe once in a while ride your bike with one of your friends to a coffee shop and eat cake.

Maybe to be able to do those things day in day out without any thoughts or cares for anything else is an attractive prospect when you’re being shot in the face with an information gun 24/7.

But of course, the answer is in the balance of the challenge and the rest.

We’re all walking this crazy tightrope that seems to get thinner and thinner and longer and longer and the wind blowing about our shoulders seems to get stronger and stronger.

But balance and the pursuit of balance is the key, whilst still understanding that achieving true balance is impossible.

So, carry on on the tightrope trying to find your balance, we’re all doing the same. It’s just some of us are talking about it and some others aren’t, most of all, don’t look down…

… if you do, you’ll see that most of what you’re looking at is imagined and it is imagination that keeps us upright on the tightrope.


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Colin Campbell
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