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Can I have some taps please?

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 07/06/19 18:00


It was always lightly that the build project for the new practice would come down to some sort of small metaphor which is probably insignificant but does sum up my view of this whole process in my view of the world.

It looks very much (at this stage at least) that it’s about taps.

Since whenever this project started, I’ve been obsessed with the toilets, because I think the toilets are a window into the rest of the organisation. I specified the quality that I wanted them to be and specified that I wanted Dyson hand dryers in each of the toilets and as the project moved forwards, I realised I didn’t want Dyson hand dryers I wanted Dyson air blade taps.

These are the V shape taps, which wash your hands infrared in front and then dry your hands as you move them sideways, it means they blow the slightly soiled, slightly bacterially contaminated water that you’re washing off your hands and into the sink and not onto the floor.

It means that you do not have to carry those dripping hands to the dryer, which is on the otherwise of the room, where the electrical supply is.

There is a statement about quality and a statement about design.

I asked for this design change, weeks ago and I have had literally a thousand emails in relation to this.

They told me first that they’d have to change the size of the sinks to fit the taps, so I told them to change the size of the sinks.

They then told me that the taps are not compliant with disability discrimination and that was the end point.

I’m not allowed to have them because you can’t have them in the bathrooms, because they are not suitable for people in wheelchairs?? Fair enough I put some s**t taps in the disabled toilets and some really nice taps in the able body toilets (or whatever the correct terminology is) there’s the discrimination, right there.

Why is it for someone who needs assistance to get on and off the toilet and a handrail (the grab rail) something which is assessable if they are in a wheelchair, why can’t they have those taps?  Why do they have to settle for s**t taps?

I’m pretty much refusing to budge on this but in the end the project can’t fail by my tap obsession.

But I hope you see the point.

Digging my heels in on this, shows everybody involved in the project, just exactly what level I expect the project to be at and that is extremely important, if I cave in on things like this, I might as well cave in on everything else, and the practice will just look like a suburban house from step ford wives.

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Colin Campbell
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