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‘But it makes money’

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 02/02/19 18:00

but it makes money

Perhaps the most tenuous excuse that can be used for participating in any form of unethical activity and using this as a justification for your actions.

Worth remembering that there is ‘allegedly’ in a bank in Basel, still a considerable amount of the gold that the Nazis removed from people’s teeth during the Second World War.

That was for money.

Clearly there is a spectrum here and it’s necessary for everybody to make a living because we live in a world where money is exchanged for goods and services and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon, but it really is important to reference back how important it is for you to make money against what you’re prepared to do to get it.

Using the excuse that ‘it’s what people want’ is not acceptable in the light of ethical and honest healthcare practice.

Finding a balance between how you make your money and how your ethics are intertwined with the care of your patients is perhaps one of the hardest things for all of us now who work in practices and particularly those who are funded by anything other than the NHS.

In the end ethics is a spectrum and there is no correct answer. You get to position yourself where you like.

There are some outer boundaries set by our society and generally people call these laws, but still to be just inside those boundaries or to be practising in a place where the boundaries are not yet completely set, is a place of great concern and potential damage to individuals for your benefit.

In the end you hope that people know or understand that they’re doing something wrong even if they continue to do it, but sadly that’s not always the case.

It seems to me now more and more (but maybe I’m just a cynical ba****d) that the chase for the cash seems to be an end in itself and the means by which you get there is irrelevant regardless of the damage it causes to people along the edges.


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Colin Campbell
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