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Broken promises

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 28/06/20 18:00

It’s seems that making promises are not like they used to be in the ‘old days’.

I think I understand and accept that.

The idea of a promise, an unbreakable vow that you make to someone becomes more and more difficult to honour in the hyper-manic hyperobject society.

Take for example “I promise that I will come and visit you in April” should you have made that promise to anyone you would have been unlikely to be able to keep it.

Probably different is the “I’ll stay faithful to you in marriage” more difficult to explain a deviation from that type of promise.

The point though is that in society these days, keeping a promise ‘forever’ has become more and more difficult and so inevitably even the best of us encounter situations where we have to change our tack.

Generally, this occurs when a situation arises where we either have to break a promise to one or another person and often through no fault of our own.

And so, what to do with the unbreakable vow.

I believe if a situation arises where a promise has to be broken then it should start with a face-to-face, eye-to-eye contact conversation saying “I am so sorry but I think I may have to break my promise to you”.

Done with honesty and integrity and humility and remorse, this will, in the majority of cases and in my experience allow the situation to be overcome with the minimum amount of psychological carnage.

The other option is to run away and try everything possible not to face the difficulty right in front of them.

Difficult conversations are difficult that is in fact, what makes them difficult.


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