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Books to save your life

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 15/09/21 18:00


The more I discuss the world with people, the more people I think need their lives saving and are simply living a life of quiet desperation. 

We all suffer from that, we all find our nose too close to the grindstone without the ability to look up and left and right and see the things that matter. 

Sometimes books help me when I feel like that and below are some of the books that have helped over the years. 

I hope you might find one here that you like, one that helps you, if you do let me know. 

1) Healing without Freud or Prozac by David Servan Schreiber 

I’ve talked about this book a hundred times in this blog at least. It saved my life and my friends life too and it’s time I read it again. 

2) A recent one that I talked about Matt Haig ‘The Comfort Book’ recommended by Angela Cowell. This is easy and beautiful, from someone who has had such a troubled time and is happy to write about how to get to the other side. 

3) The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce 

This is fiction but beautiful fiction and heart warming and describes the art of possibility. It’s a metaphor for anything you choose that it’s a metaphor for. 

4) The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

This is the book that made me cry on an airplane to the point where the stewardess had to come and ask me if I was ok. Encourages us to help people even though that help will never be noticed and never be registered, help for helps stake. 

5) His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman 

Some of the most important non-fiction I’ve ever read in helping me explain the world. 

6) The Crow Road by Iain Banks 

After losing someone special Iain Banks classic book helped me understand how two get to grips with what it felt like. 

7) Why we sleep by Matthew Walker 

Not that I ever seem to have the ability to apply as much as I want as Matthew Walker’s amazing advice, which is grounded completely in science and research but it makes me understand what steps I would need to take to get to a better place. 

8) Factfulness by Hans Rosling 

How to navigate the world using proper information. 

Finally, a website page. When the world seems dark and all news is terrible why not get your news from somewhere else. 

Information is beautiful is a site designed to teach you to present data in visual means but there is a section called beautiful news. 

When I think the world is terrible I click on beautiful news. Here’s a simple article about British woodland cover which has returned to medieval levels.

Everything you read in the news would tell you that there isn’t a forest left in the UK but the facts are wrong. 

I hope you find something here that you like, everyone a winner from my point of view. 


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