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Big and Small

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/09/18 18:00




You can get through lots of work, you can turn over large amounts, you can have lots of people working for you, you can have lots of places of work.

You can’t give personal attention to the people that work for you, nor to the places that they work, nor to the customers that they serve, nor really, to the systems that they use.

In the big thing, at the top, your job is strategic and everything is abstract. You live in that abstract world where ‘we cannot comment on individual cases’.



You care, and you can be seen to care. You can ask questions when things go wrong, talk to your customers and find out what they want.

You can look after your team like they were a member of your own family, and treat the place that you work like it was your house.

You can change direction, reverse direction or give up and try something new in an instant, but you will never make a fortune. You’ll never be a billionaire because small like this can’t possible scale.

You can be one or the other and the problem is that the small usually push as hard as they can to get to the big when what made them successful in the first place was the small.


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Colin Campbell
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