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Better than nothing

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 13/09/20 18:00

What we did before might not be achievable just now.

The heights we aspired to previously might have to be lower than they were a little while ago.

The achievements that happened easily in the day-to-day before this might seem like climbing a mountain now.

Two weeks today I’m competing in the Outlaw X half iron distance triathlon.

5 years ago I would have done the whole thing, probably in less than 5 hours, a year ago I would have done just the bike probably in 2 ½ hours.

This year I will try to get round.

My training software tells me I’m at about 50% of the fitness level that I was at last year and I don’t even look at the amount of mileage or time on a bike that I’ve spent this year.

My retrospectoscope tells me I could have spent hours and hours training in lockdown, but I was thinking about other things.

Looking back is useless and futile when it demotivates and depresses.

Looking back for inspiration is one thing, looking backwards in desperation is another.

Two weeks today my achievement will be standing on the start line waiting for Louis Dunne to run the 600m from the lake to pass onto me pretending to be a good bike rider, pretending to be a former broken triathlete.

Success for me will be climbing off the bike unscathed, whatever time it takes to pass onto Mike to run a scorching half marathon.

Time was when I was the best out of the three, at the moment I bring up the rear.

Perfection is a fools game, participation, completion, that is much more sensible.


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