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Better late…

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 18/06/21 18:00


Apologies for last night’s blog which was published late, as one or two people read it at 6pm when it’s supposed to go out. 

The majority of people would not notice but the discipline of producing the blog everyday comes at a cost. 

Firstly, I can’t thank Millie Somerfield enough because she tolerates my nonsense and last minute deadlines and late publications of the blog all the time and often works outside of time and outside of hours to get it published for me. 

The second thing to overcome, apart from the madness, is writers block so when you try to publish a blog everyday you sometimes feel you have nothing to write about and in that circumstance (as taught by Seth Godin) you write anyway. 

The blog has not gone uninterrupted for the last 9 years or so because there were times when I stopped it in sabbatical when I tried to keep it going after I’d disengaged entirely from electrical devices and then decided to stop. 

There must be one or two other times that it’s been missed. 

Apart from that though, I’ve committed to write it every single day seven days a week, sometimes storing up three or four at a time and sometimes (often) scrambling at the last minute to produce a stream of consciousness. 

I’m not sure if it’s of any value to more than but a few people but there are certainly occasions where people comment and contact me and ask me about it and speak about it and talk to me about it in meetings (when we have these) which shows that they appreciate it. 

As always though and just for clarity, above all else, it’s written for me as a memory of where I was at that time. 

It’s also a metaphor for resilience and persistence and habit. 

I’m not one to like structures or to complete tasks and so the effort of producing a blog everyday for almost 3,000 days is a life-learning experience for me. 

I hope you’ll write your own or produce something else that you’re proud of or start a habit that makes you feel better or be better. 

The blog has taken me to places I could never have dreamt of, made connections I would never have made with the most wonderful people and caused me an enormous amount of stress. 

(Not to mention the stress it’s caused Millie and Marie and Hayley F and the others who have produced it for me). 

Start something today though, it’s better late than never. 


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Colin Campbell
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