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Back to musing about what success might be

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/09/21 18:00


I am enormously successful (according to some peoples metrics of success). 

I am devastatingly unsuccessful (according to others). 

The most important metrics of success are my own metrics of success, the way that I think that I’m being successful and how I measure how I think I’m being success. 

Perhaps measuring success in itself is unsuccessful, perhaps chasing ‘success’ is toxic and pathological. 

To me, success and contentment are about the same thing so, therefore I chase contentment. 

The problem is that I cannot be content sat back and waiting and watching and perhaps that is my biggest issue and my biggest problem overall.

I love social interaction on a personal one-to-one level or in small groups where we are inspired in creating and doing things that feel cool. 

I hate counting money. 

I hate dealing with money in any way and therefore I try to avoid that, despite the fact that I try to run a business which cannot exist without the generation of surplus money. 

And so, as I move towards entering my sixth decade (assuming and hoping I get there) it’s once again time for me to reflect what is on my white stone (a previous blog about Charles Handy and a passage from the bible about ultimately finding who you are at the end of your life). 

I feel myself sucking back into defending what my own success is again and the need to do that, probably because I’m heading towards a big birthday. 

There is no question that writing that down (and I will write it down again as I have done before) it will look very different to what it did at 30 and very different to what it looked like at 40. 

The things that I chase for my contentment in my sixth decade will be entirely different to the things that I chased in my third decade. 

It’s not enough that we ‘want’ to be successful, it’s far more important that we reflect on what we think success actually is. 


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Colin Campbell
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