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Back to basics (that are not that basic)

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 12/05/19 18:00


It seems to me that nobody really knows how to fully use their iPhone, yet as soon as an opportunity comes around to upgrade to a “better” iPhone, most people are on it, grabbing it at the better functionality and the improved ability over something that they had, that they hadn’t used properly.

I’m the worst for that, (or I used to be before I stopped upgrading) I could spend a fortnight with my iPhone finding new things out about it, about how it would help me and streamline my workload, but I’m too busy for that, working to pay for the next upgrade.

It seems to me that, that’s where we are with a lot of the work that I do in dentistry. This morning, at about 6:30am (before I came in to teaching a CBCT course) I had to go to the practice to plan cases for next week, because I’m behind on my planning schedule, two of the cases are single tooth implants, three of the cases were single tooth implants in the posterior region (that is really rare for me now, and a real joy to look at)

All of these implants were planned as tissue level, Straumann tissue level implants.

I plan these digital, for a guided surgery protocol (that I probably still haven’t mastered completely yet either), but the opportunity that I have to place hundreds of different implants within the Straumann portfolio alone, was insane!

I placed one implant in to the dental wings software that we use for planning digital cases and my technician, Mark, was with me. Just that screenshot, that picture of that implant, I told Mark I could do a two-hour lecture on it (and I think make it interesting), I would love to do a lecture like that!

That’s because I still haven’t found out everything about tissue level implants, about what they can do and what they can’t do and about how brilliant they are, over a long period of time.

We change on to a new design because someone tells us it’s better, we grab on to new features because they’re new and different.

It’s not sexy, talking about tissue level implants and it doesn’t fill courses for innovators and early adopters, sometimes it’s good to go deep in to what you’re doing already and to understand how to do it better, instead of jumping to buy the new, because its new.

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Colin Campbell
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