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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 27/11/17 18:00


Henry Ford inspired many people around the world in his innovation in industrialisation.

He was offered an award in many accolades for the way he changed society and history but none more controversial than the grand cross of the German eagle in 1938.

That award was the highest possible to be bestowed by a foreigner by Natzi Germany. It is reported that Hitler himself had a photograph with Henry Ford in his office inspired by his industrial processes. If you think about it for a minute that would leave you cold, thinking that the efficient production of a model T Ford was taken by Hitler and his other ‘industrial processors’.

Ford was controversial for other things including his publication of a book called The International Jew with which he was associated.

It seems after his award in 1938 and the onset of war in 1939 then the news that began to filter out of Europe over the next 5 years Ford wished to dissociate himself with the metal trinket that he had received on his 75th birthday.

Perhaps a lesson to all of us.

It’s one thing to be offered recognition by a group, something different all together to accept it and then something different again to put your name forward.

Probably best that we go about at work not worrying about little metal trinkets that we might receive or accolades from organisations that perhaps look better to them that they do to us.

Food for thought.


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Colin Campbell
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