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A Squash and a Squeeze

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 12/06/18 18:00


There is a wonderful children’s book by the same title written by Julia Donaldson that you can buy here.

The Julia Donaldson books are exceptional, she is the person who wrote the Gruffalo.

It teaches you about perspective and about how sometimes what seems bad is actually good and vise versa.

Last week at the practice we did the biggest case of oral surgery that I have ever seen in the flesh in my life (when I say we I mean Andy). It was a hugely challenging day and a hugely challenging case and it all went well but in the middle of a hugely challenging day there was a patient that turned up with a potential complication that had to be seen as well.

Immediately before the patient with the complication had to be seen the house seemed ‘full’. Everything seemed to get a little bit overwhelming, we were on the verge of struggling to manage and the patient came into surgery and didn’t have the complication that any of us thought at all. All of a sudden, we’re all good again and in the middle of one of the most exciting days of surgery we’d ever seen.

Isn’t this always the way, how a simple event can flip round everything and make you appreciate how lucky you are with the things that you do and the things that you have.

Sometimes your house seems boring and old and the place that you’ve always been in, and then you go somewhere else to meet people who have less than you and you realise what a privilege existence you actually live.

Seeking out these points of enlightenment in our life are essential skills to teach ourselves and our children.

The ability to re frame what you think is a difficult situation with a whole outline of your life which for almost all of us is utterly incredible is a blessed skill to have indeed.

If your kids are young enough then read the book.


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Colin Campbell
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