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9 signatures…

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/02/20 18:00


After the debacle in this blog from last week, it was 9 signatures today and the CQC stuff was done.

Not been inspected yet so maybe there is more fun and games and there is certainly more fun and games beyond the CQC and this project.

But in the end, it took 25 seconds to sign something 9 times.

Throughout this project I have signed some of the most important and terrifying documents from my life and then they are gone and disappear only to re-appear to hit you over the back of the head if something catastrophic happens.

In truth I am not “signer” I am a doer.

I pretty much sign anything you like and then worry about it later.

Perhaps in a business now this big, or suppose to be getting this big, I need to change my outlook and philosophy.

Perhaps I need to assess the risk to the “business”. Perhaps I need to set more structures.

I am never going to go that far over signing CQC documents or legal documents or leases or agreements for sale or loan agreements or surveys or design and build contracts or any of things that I have signed a million times.

When did the world get like this, where all we create is paper which distracts us from doing the work.


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Colin Campbell
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