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22. Owning a Plane...

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 12/01/18 18:00



22. Owning a Plane – published 08.07.2013

Published in July 2013 this was directed entirely at a section of UK NHS orthodontists.

It was in fact directly specifically at a orthodontist who was aware of this, who had used their practice to fund a purchase of two planes.

This was a pre curser to a blog I wrote previously who I’m ashamed to say I took down and is no longer around on orthodontists and the orthodontic model that lead to the stripping of the NHS of huge amounts of money for orthodontic lifestyle businesses. 

Apart from being ashamed of writing that blog that I took down I did so at the request of someone who I knew was very upset by the content and in fact that was a huge mistake. 

It’s not a mistake that I will live and make again.

I’m very proud of what I wrote there because of the debate that it started and the discussion about healthcare funding, where it should go and where it should be directed.

Anyway owning a plane was one or two pebbles that started a greater landslip in terms of production of a second more direct blog and them much conversation with people.


In keeping with some of the previous blog posts I have written that one or two of you (if I’m lucky) will have read.

I am big into the concept that dentistry is not there for any of us to make the most money possible.

There are other professions available to allow you to do this. To my mind, dentistry will always remain part of healthcare, albeit with a commercial element. In a recent conversation with one of my close friends in dentistry we were discussing how many dentists we knew actually owned a plane and when it gets down to the basis I think things are getting a little bit ridiculous. The conversation passed on to how many dentists we know who own more than one plane and then we really are into nonsense!

Lets all take a step back and realise how lucky we are to have the privilege of providing care for patients and be paid for it and to have the opportunity to do something we love. If we stop loving it, we should do something else.


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