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2000 UP part 1

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/05/19 18:00


Today it’s actually and officially the 2000th blog that I’ve published.

Today I will write about things that have changed professionally and tomorrow I will write about how I have changed personally.

In 2011 I was 2 years in to a partnership at The Campbell and Peace Clinic.

We had big aspirations and ambitions for change, but absolutely no chance of that happening in the structure which we were in.

We were a classic 2-man partnership in dentistry, taking the money out of the till at the end of the month and hoping that it the associates would cover some of the expenses.

Not a proper business, not enough money to invest, not enough clarity of direction to move forwards.

The stuff we did was good, no better than that. The facility we had was good, but no better than that.

Through the 2000 blogs I’ve managed to extricate my self from the partnership so that I could push things on solely in the direction that I wanted to go. I’ve managed to focus my teaching commitments and education commitments much closer to home for most of the time and focus on my clinical work much closer to home again.

I’ve work from one site not 2 sites and in the lead up to the 2000th blog, we’ve launched the new practice and what that will look like when we get it over the line later this year.

During that time I’ve had a GDC case and then presented my experiences of that GDC case to 1000 people at my National dental conference, I’ve lectured on main podiums at big events around the country and also to China, to tell people about our aesthetic implant practices and the research that we provide within the clinic, which is now a research centre.

We’ve put emergency dental care in to East Africa for £250,000 people and we’ve managed to keep a team of exceptional people together, more or less, it was in the place that we work.

You never see progress on a day to day basis, you just get the work done, feed the baby.

Looking back over the past few years over the 2000 blogs, we’ve had some wins and some losses, but I think at the moment were still in the black.

Blog Post Number - 2000


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