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15. Represent...

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/01/18 18:00



15. Represent – published 09.11.2012

Published in November 2012, the universal truth that still holds true now. There are many people that I see around dentistry who represent what they believe in and many of those I don’t believe what they believe; but I must admire the fact they do represent themselves consistently on a day-to-day basis.

This is the only way, get the job done, everyday.


This thought came to me during my trips to the Olympics and Paralympics at some point as I was reminiscing back to the time when I was lucky enough to play for Scotland in basketball as an under 15 and under 17.

Particularly at under 15 we had a coach called Stuart Taylor who was very, very big on represent. Taylor made us realise that at all times while we were part of the Scotland set up that we were representing Scotland. Not just on the court playing basketball but at all times. He made us realise that we were representing ourselves, our family, our friends and our country. He once said an amazing thing which went something like “most of the players from England, Ireland and Wales that you meet will never have seen Scotland. Never have seen a valley and never have seen the mountains. They will never had stepped in a Scottish town and may never have met another Scottish person. You are the only thing Scottish they will ever have seen, make sure you represent Scotland properly”

I think this was just branding.

One of the responsibilities principals of dental practices have is to represent their practice at all times. In everything we do and in every way people see us because we never know who the next patient is or who the next dentist is who may send us patients. We must always give across our philosophy; we must always be on brand. If it is possible to find staff and a team who think the same way then that is a magical thing.


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