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12 Years ago today

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/01/20 18:00


bday blog

12 years ago today I turned 36, it was January 2008.

I was a couple of weeks away from a series of events that would fundamentally change my life but blissfully unaware at that stage.

I had a 4 week old baby son and two daughters, the eldest of whom was about to turn 6.

I had worked for the same Husband and Wife practice owning team for around 10 and a half years and things were pretty good (although the surroundings within which I worked were not ideal).

I was struggling with being a young dad (relatively young) with 3 young children and a Wife who also worked.

I was about to enter that 20 year period what people talk about where you survive parenting and hopefully exit the other side retired in your mid fifties to live off the fat you had accumulated through that period.

That was not how it panned out and before the month was over, I would be sacking off my job and entering into completely uncharted waters, unsure of what the outcome would be.

And so 12 years on, here we go again…

12 years from now, if I am lucky enough, I will be 60 and as I sit on my birthday today, I have no idea what 60 will look like.

It is not a retirement plan or a target to get out of work, not any such thing.

I set sail again this year on completely uncharted waters, unsure about where I will be, but knowing that whatever I come up against will challenge me and stimulate me and terrify me.

Throughout the past 20 years I have not changed career exactly, but I have changed direction time and time again , almost certainly not for development purposes, but probably just because I was terrified of remaining the same and stagnating through 60 with not enough exciting memories to show for it (thanks CD for the story about the guy with the 35-55 year theory).


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