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100 Years of Imagination 

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/04/18 18:00


Imagine you weren’t worried about the next month’s turnover.

Imagine you weren’t worried about quarter 3’s ‘figures’.

Imagine you had a policy that said you didn’t make staff redundant even if you’d had a bad year.

Imagine you didn’t own the shares and the company did.

Imagine you didn’t have an ‘exit strategy’ apart from death.

Imagine you could plan the training cycle of your teams in three or five-year blocks because they were so stable that nobody wanted to leave.

Imagine if salary became 5th of the list of why people came to work in your organisation because you got the money right and leadership, culture, direction and environment were more important to your team.

Imagine your sickness was less than 1%.

Imagine measuring these metrics over 100 years instead of just turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover.


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Colin Campbell
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