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The Campbell Academy Podcast 

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The Campbell Academy is a dental teaching company based in Nottingham. Here on our podcast we interview friends of the Academy about a variety of topics both dental and non dental as part of our commitment to positively influence the lives of as many people as possible.

We hope you enjoy it but are happy with any feedback, positive or otherwise!

Email: info@campbellacademy.co.uk 

Episode 1

Did Colin buy a hot tub? 

With Andy Legg and Colin Campbell 

Episode 2

A chat with Dom 

With Andy Legg and Dominic O'Hooley 

Episode 3

Musings of a COVID survivor 

With Andy Legg and Alan McGlaughlin 

Episode 4

Andy's ineptitude (and an academy course update)

With Andy Legg and Colin Campbell 

Episode 5

What were you thinking?! 

With Andy Legg and Chris Barrow 

Episode 6

An Academy update 

With Andy Legg and Colin Campbell 

Episode 7

Jam or Cream first?

With Andy Legg & Jason Smithson