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CBCT Essentials

Gain the ability to diagnose pathology and assess CBCT cases correctly

The Aim of the CBCT Master Class

To provide an extensive, high quality, competency based course on CBCT principles and reporting for dental surgeons. 


What makes our course unique?

A Competency Based Framework:

People have to be tested on their ability to report scans accurately based on the information they’re given during the training. Our course is delivered across 2 parts meaning we can provide all delegates with 20 scans to report on over the summer break which are then marked with detailed feedback in time for your return for part 2 of the course.

Michael Bornstein

A course faculty which includes Michael Bornstein who is one of the world leading experts on CBCT. Michael was instrumental in the production of the CBCT guidelines for the AO, EAO and was involved as a group leader in a recent ITI Consensus Meeting where he reported on the CBCT guidance. Michael is an experienced pioneer in the use of CBCT in implant dentistry and his experience is second to none.


Learning Outcomes:

Following the course delegates who attend will understand and have achieved competency in:

  1. The nature of CBCT. How CBCT images are obtained, the various units available and the physics surrounding the production of CBCT
  1. Radiation protection including dose, ALARA, quality of image produced and best use of technology for patient benefit
  1. Applications for CBCT and use both in dental practice and in dental medicine
  1. Normal anatomy identified on CBCT scans and how to report this
  1. The basis of CBCT reporting including which information to include, which information not to include and reporting in different formats including multiplanar radiography, oblique and curved
  1. The philosophy of CBCT and dose reduction and the benefits of CBCT to patients
  1. Practical training in the reporting of CBCT and a competency based programme of 20 cases to be reported and marked to demonstrate competency of CBCT reporting being obtained
  1. Future applications of CBCT including guided surgery

The course will follow and exceed the most up-to-date CPD requirements for CBCT in the UK and Europe. Please note that this is a split course. Delegates will be required to attend all three days in order to complete the course.

Colin Campbell

Bds Fds Rcs Scotland

Clinical Director

GDC number: 70058

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Colin’s practice is limited to surgical implant dentistry. Colin is a Specialist in Oral Surgery with considerable experience within the ITI and the Leadership of the ITI within the UK. He has placed in the region of 4,000 dental implants and restored approximately 1,000. He has been teaching in implant dentistry since 2000.

Colin has been the architect and designer of many implant courses previously for other organisations and now The Campbell Academy takes a considerable amount of his time in providing implant and dental education the way he believes it should be done.

Andrew Legg


Academy Director and Dental Surgeon

GDC number: 79203

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Dr Andrew Legg graduated from the University of Manchester in 2001. Extensive experience in general practice has given Andrew grounding in all aspects of dental care allowing a fully comprehensive approach to patient care.

Andrew has undertaken countless hours of training, including an 18-month Clinical Certificate in Implantology at the University of Sheffield and Advanced Surgical Training at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Michael Bornstein

Prof. Dr. med. dent.


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Dr. Michael M. Bornstein Prof. Dr. med. dent. Head Section of Dental Radiology and Stomatology, School of Dental Medicine, University of Bern.

Michael qualified in 1998 before achieving his PHD in 2001 from the University of Basel. He continued his training in Oral Surgery and Stomatology in Basel before becoming a board certified Oral Surgeon in June 2003.

Taimoor Kamran

BDS, MSc (Hons)

Principal Dentist

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Graduating as a dentist in 2003, Taimoor has been practicing in London as a dentist with special interest in aesthetic and implant dentistry. In 2010, he joined the Kings’ College London (KCL) MSc in Aesthetic Dentistry programme as a postgraduate student. He graduated with Distinction in December 2012. Taimoor is a postgraduate clinical teacher and examiner at King’s College London Dental institute.

Part 1: 21st & 22nd April 2022 Part 2: 4th November 2022
9:00 am
The Campbell Academy, Nottingham
£3150 Inc. VAT
18 hours

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