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Providing implant dentistry yourself or referring out?

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04-Jul-2017 09:19:00


What are the benefits of offering dental implants to your own patients and providing it yourself?

While there is an obvious potential financial benefit to placing implants in your own practice, this only exists after you get to a certain amount of implants placed and at The Campbell Academy we would suggest that is greater than fifty per year.

The benefits though to yourself, your patients, your team and your environment are huge once this level is reached.


For the individual practitionerit gives a stimulus to professional practice, which rarely exists before. It allows you to select, plan and design cases in a way you may not have done previously and which will filter throughout the rest of your practice for more complicated work. For your team it allows development in skills including radiography, CBCT, photography, impression taking and treatment co-ordinator areas, which may not have previously existed within the practice. For patients it allows them to be treated closer to home by people they trust instead of being referred to a foreign environment and for your surroundings it allows investment in greater technology, improvements to the infrastructure of your business and your practice.


It’s well established that certain implant dentists have the ability to earn large sums of money but I feel the experience and benefits of implant dentistry go much further than that. They allow you a stimulus within your practice, which keeps you engaged in your work to a much greater degree than might have otherwise been the case. This is a complicated area of dentistry, which demands much thought and consideration and that in itself can be a joy if utilised properly.


If you’re keen to enjoy the rest of your practising career and you have any interest in surgery or restorative dentistry then a well-planned educational scheme towards improving implant dentistry may well be one of the best investments you could possible make.


  How to Place Fifty Implants per Year Competently and Confidently

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Colin Campbell
Written by Colin Campbell
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