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The Year Implant Course

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Advanced Implant Restorative Live Skills Course

Bring Implant dentistry into your practice as a restorative dentist

Who is the course for?

This advanced course is designed for clinicians who have a foundational understanding of implant restoration and wish to improve their competence and confidence with advanced techniques.

This one-day course is the natural progression from our Online Implant Restorative Course and builds directly on the skills developed from this training. If you are looking for a beginner course, then please see the online course, which provides a practical introduction to straightforward implant reconstruction.


While it is an ideal continuation for those who have completed our introductory course, it also accommodates clinicians with basic experience in implant restoration who have not previously attended our training. Participants will expand their knowledge, increase their confidence, and elevate their practice in advanced implant restorations.


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Course Aims:

  • To better understand material selection, design elements, and conventional and digital workflows, helping attendees to provision implant bridges in practice successfully.

  • To understand the workflow required to provide full arch locator dentures.



What Will You Learn?

Through a blend of theory and hands-on practicals, topics discussed include:

  1. Digital Workflow Integration: Understand the benefits and limitations of the digital workflow.

  2. Material Insights: Understand the benefits and limitations of different materials for the provision of implant bridges. Learn about the materials that improve results and aesthetics.

  3. Provisionals: Learn about temporary options during the restorative phase.

  4. Multi-unit Restorations: Gain proficiency in multi-unit restorations, including bridges and full arch locator dentures.

  5. Design Principles: Know the basic principles of bridge design and know how to communicate this with the lab.

  6. Troubleshooting Complications: Learn to anticipate and manage common and uncommon complications.

  7. Effective Photos and Presentation: Techniques to document and present cases to patients and peers.


Why Choose This Course?

This course goes beyond theory, offering hands-on experiences to help attendees gain confidence with advanced implant restorations, which can be applied immediately in practice.

Nishant Yadev



GDC No: 258689

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Nishant graduated in Dentistry from the University of Sheffield in 2015. After spending a year in general practice, Nishant joined The Campbell Clinic in September 2016. 

Before Nishant trained to become a dentist, he had undertaken an undergraduate MSc in Molecular Medicine and a research-based PhD in Oral Disease. During this time, he presented his work at National and International conferences and won the European Association of Oral Medicine Young Scientist Award in 2008. 

In November 2016, Nish completed his examinations for Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Date :
4th October 2024
time :
9:00 am
Venue :
The Campbell Academy, Nottingham
Food :
Cost :
£900 Inc. VAT
6 hours

Interested in advancing your career in implant dentistry or want to bring implant dentistry into your practice as a restorative dentist?

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