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The Goldilocks - The zone

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/09/19 18:00


The Goldilocks zone was named after the fairy tale, you know the one “not too hot, not too cold, just right”.

It was used to apply to the theory of planets which could sustain life in the far outer reaches of the galaxy or universe. They needed it to be just right to sustain life.

It also applied to this state that we like to live in which is stimulated enough, but not over stimulated.

In a place of comfort (with some slight stimulation to keep us interested) the problem is that we fear between too hot and too cold and find it very difficult to live in the zone.

At too cold, we are lethargic and depressed and bored and under stimulated, which should stimulate us to move forwards into the zone but too often doesn’t seem to do that.

The other side is too hot. Generally, this should be a place that we choose to be for a short period of time, to move us to a better outcome.

The question is how much discomfort are you prepared to take to get to a better place?

How much comfort are you prepared to put aside to study or to learn or to train or to explore or to do anything to make yourself a little bit better, a little bit more sort after to move to a place of greater rewards and interest.

This should be a calculation that we make ourselves “I am going to do a degree” but all too often it is a decision that is made for us by others.

The people we work for, force us into the zone for their own benefit, not our benefit. They shackle us to a pay cheque and then make us work harder and harder for small incremental advances, which don’t really make us better at anything at all.

It has never been easier to make yourself better, it is just really hard these days to make the choice to be uncomfortable for the time that it will take to get there.

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Colin Campbell
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