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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 09/01/21 18:00

Seth Godin wrote a blog recently about the guest and the landlord and the host and it got me thinking about the different people that we have to be in the different parts of our life.

Putting my personal and family life aside (which I never should but for the purpose of this blog is ideal) I have lots of different hats to wear at lots of different times.

Since I started on the build project for the new practice some of these hats are as follows:

  • A property developer

In 2017 we acquired the land for four commercial properties and three of these are built. There is an existing plot which will house another property which could be developed at any time as a property development project.

Most people don’t build one of these in their lifetime and already we’ve built three – I’m exhausted.

  • Property investor

To develop is one thing but to hold onto property as an investment is another. The clinic itself is a property investment and so is plot 4 at the present time unless it’s sold to someone else.

  • Landlord

As the property investor who holds the clinic I collect the rent off the clinic. That means that I am the landlord as well as the property investor (and the former property developer). Are you keeping up with this yet?

  • I am the chairman of the board

I’m the one who signs for chairman of the board for the clinic who is also the tenant and therefore I am the tenant as well as the landlord, as well as the property investor and the property developer.

  • Host

As well as being the landlord and the chairman, I’m also the host when people come to visit the clinic which is an entirely different role to that of the chairman who looks strategically upon the whole business and rents the facility for the business from someone else.

  • Educator

I’m also the educator who educates in the Academy, the educator works for the chairman and the board is paid by them to provide quality education which makes the business work.

  • Associate

Downstairs I’m the associate dentist who runs a book which needs to make the numbers to make me viable as a valuable member of the team.

These roles are pretty much the same as most people in SME’s and very different to the roles held by the people who rented the other two building on the plot that we built through 2018 and 2019.

In building three which is now rented by a subsidiary of Legal & General, the guy who deals with the rent is the estates director because his job is to deal with rents.

Across the road in the private bank who rent building 1, the boss there is the boss of the branch whose job it is to be in charge of the branch.

Dentistry allows the opportunity and the privilege to put on many, many hats for individuals but all of which have to be considered and worked upon.

Although most principles want out of the game at 50 or 55 it takes some amount of energy and stamina just to change the hats, let alone be the person underneath it.


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Colin Campbell
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