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Peer Review

An evening with The Campbell Clinic at our The Peer Review 

The Peer Review in November will be ran by Colin Campbell on a presentation titled 'Radiography Pathology and Diagnosis'.


Peer Review with The Campbell Clinic - What is it?

The Peer Review by The Campbell Clinic is an opportunity for clinicians from Nottingham and the surrounding areas to get together and discuss dentistry.

It gives us a chance to talk about things that are affecting us and things that are worrying us including individual cases but also general trends in dentistry. It’s also an opportunity to hear talks and insights from other members of the profession about things that might improve their ability to provide care and enjoy your job.

Finally, at each of the events there will be a discussion of at least one case but hopefully more which will be submitted by the group to help us discuss and understand dentistry better.


At The Campbell Clinic we feel it’s time we all started to get together a bit more so that we can work together as a profession instead of working against each other as a network of ‘corner shops and competition’.

This is an opportunity for any one from all aspects of dentistry to get together, share experiences, talk and connect.

How much?

We thought about providing this for absolutely nothing but we think if we put a small charge on this (all of which will entirely go to the charity Bridge2Aid) it gives us some sort of value and makes it less likely for people to not commit and not turn up. We hope you agree.

Colin Campbell

BDS FDS RCS (Ed) The Campbell Clinic - Director The Campbell Academy - Director Specialist in Oral Surgery

GDC number: 70058

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Colin Campbell has been teaching in dentistry since 1994, the year he qualified as a dentist from the University of Glasgow.

He began teaching dental students as a House Officer at Glasgow Dental Hospital and School and carried this on throughout his hospital career in Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham and Derby Royal Infirmary.

In 1997 Colin became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and began teaching Vocational Dental Students in 1998. Colin placed his first dental implant in 1998 and began lecturing in implant dentistry in 2001, at that time for the Straumann Dental Implant system.

Colin became a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology in 2005 and has been heavily involved in the education of the dental team from dental students to post-graduate students and dental team members since. Colin has provided hundreds of lectures throughout the United Kingdom on implant dentistry to all types of groups and began designing his own courses related to implant dentistry for dental team members in 2002.

In 2007 Colin ran his first Live Skills implant course and formed The Campbell Academy in 2013.

Throughout his dental career Colin has been committed to exceptional, ethical dental education and The Campbell Academy is underpinned by this whole philosophy. Colin firmly believes that the training of dentists should be based on ethics originally and should aim to provide the highest quality of care at all times.

Education of the whole dental team has been a passion of Colin’s since qualifying in dentistry and he invites you to come and experience this through The Campbell Academy.

Date :
26th November
time :
6:00 pm
Venue :
The Campbell Clinic
Food :
Cost :
2.5 hours

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