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The skills required to get to fifty implants per year are not just diagnostic, surgical or restorative, but everything that goes around it – developing the team, the infrastructure of the practice and the business in order to acquire patients who are interested in this type of treatment. This is why it’s a five-year process.

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Dental Implant Companies will report that somewhere in the region of 93% of people who attend surgical courses do not go on to place implants, and even of those that do, a large percentage (around 90%) place fifteen implants per year or less.

We felt this was not enough, and implant surgeons must be encouraged to move to a situation where they’re placing fifty dental implants per year, moving towards placing fifty dental implants per year or stopping.

This, we believe, is, on average, a three to a five-year career pathway.

The skills required to get to fifty implants per year are not just diagnostic, surgical or restorative, but everything that goes around it – developing the team, the infrastructure of the practice and the business to acquire patients who are interested in this type of treatment. This, is why it’s a five-year process.




The Process

The ability to set a timeline going forwards and to develop in the long-term, to improve your skills, experience and overall practising environment to get to a situation where you’re placing a number of implants that allows you and your team to be competent on a day-to-day basis.

This involves education, but not only education. 

The education aspect of things requires the teaching of the skills and acquiring the use of the tools, which will allow you to properly assess patients ethically and honestly to provide the best treatment options and then execute the treatment appropriately.

For those starting in implant dentistry, this is seen as a longer modular course which allows an introduction to basic science, assessment, surgical execution and restorative treatment, but this only allows delegates to acquire the skills in straightforward implant dentistry and, in particular along with a mentor, further avenues for education and development are required.

The ability to train the team, both formally and informally, and then to move in a structured way towards advanced and complex implant dentistry is essential and The Campbell Academy courses are designed with that pathway in mind.

The Year Implant Course

Our Year Implant Course begins with straightforward implant dentistry over a modular format of fifteen modules, which allows delegates to take the information and experience back to their teams to build the practice.

This involves not only the clinical and assessment aspects of implant dentistry but also sections on marketing and patient assessment. We feel this allows delegates to gain a very solid grounding in the principles of implant dentistry to move on confidently and competently to take on more advanced and complex challenges. At this stage, it is possible to identify where any deficiencies exist (and deficiencies exist in every individual) and pathways in which to correct this, either through basic surgical or restorative skills.

The application of implant dentistry and acquiring the skills involved is merely a recipe to sit with different individuals to discuss their strengths and weaknesses and allow them to move towards a situation where they can provide excellent implant dentistry for a significant number of patients within their practising environment. There are very few individuals who are not able to gain and practice skills in implant dentistry and we rarely come up against these clinicians.

What Happens Next

Following on from the Year Implant Course, we then offer a portfolio of advanced and complex courses to assist delegates over the five-year process to become confident and competent implant dentists. These include cadaver courses for sinus grafting, an immediate full arch course, CBCT courses and aesthetic implant courses – all of which will enhance and improve surgical and restorative skills leading to a more well-rounded and competent individual.

The ultimate aim for us is to create competent and contented implant dentists who would then have an interest in returning to the Academy to share their skills with other people over the long term. 

All of this is done under the guidance of a structured mentoring programme, which allows individuals to develop skills at their own pace in their own way with trusted advice at every stage.

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