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Guest Speakers

  • Founder & CEO of Yellow Veedub Inbound Marketing Agency
  • Gold Certified Hubspot Partner

Brendon Macdonald

Brendon is the Founder and CEO of Yello Veedub Inbound Marketing Agency. A Gold Certified Hubspot Partner.

Brendon is also currently the Chief Marketing Officer for DCD Global (digitalsmiledesign.com). Appointed in 2017 Brendon is responsible for the global marketing strategies for the DSD Group of companies.

Prior to starting Yello Veedub in 2015, Brendon was involved in several social media consulting and management businesses focusing and specialising in the global dental sector.

Brendon has extensive experience in digital marketing strategies in the B2B & B2C healthcare & e-commerce sectors.

Brendon has a Bachelor of Economics from Rhodes University (2003) and worked in investment banking for several years before starting his own business in the retail sector and marketing for dental practices, respectively.

Chris Barrow

Business Coach

Mark Topley

The CRS Coach

BEd (Hons)

Adam Hampson

Creative Director of Cosmetic Digital

Stephen Booth

Straumann UK Managing Director